seaside club presents

crypto hunters


Crypto hunters

The special reality TV show series that combines the digital world of cryptocurrency and NFT’s into the real world through the competitive reality TV series.

A global premiere coming soon!

The series are aimed to shape the growing interest in decentralized technologies by showing their real use cases in an easy to understand entertainment format. Crypto Hunters will build world-wide trust and credibility to the crypto space, blurring the lines between a novice and a pro of the industry.


Crypto Hunters NFT Utility:

  • *

    All Crypto Hunters NFT holders - as they stake their NFT - will attain rewards directly connected to the % of the proceeds from the Crypto Hunters Season One IP revenues. Forever.

  • *

    Each Crypto Hunters NFT holder who staked will receive an airdrop in Seaside Coins once the token sale will be open. Each holder will also receive a whitelist for a Seaside Coin private sale.

  • *

    Holders will be able to claim an NFT from a special "Saved Family - Safe Future" collection.

  • *

    Crypto Hunters NFT will allow you to use the Learn2Earn/Community App.

Boomtown Logo

Boomtown Productions

Crypto Hunters series is produced in partnership with Boomtown Productions - the expert production company that has over 20 years of production experience. This company is well known for its production quality and dedication to projects they build.