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Introducing Crypto Hunters: The first-ever crypto adventure-reality TV show

The Crypto Hunters TV Show is the first-ever adventure-reality show focused on cryptocurrency. With a projected audience of over 500 000 000 households, the show is being produced by a team of experienced Hollywood filmmakers and will be available for viewing worldwide. Join 8 teams of 2 Crypto Hunters from around the world as they outsmart and outrun each other in a crypto treasure hunt for a $1,000,000 USD prize money for the first place.

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  • 28 Oscar nominations;
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Crypto hunters AR game

We're excited to present Crypto Hunters AR Mobile Game – a groundbreaking fusion of treasure hunting, augmented reality, and blockchain technology. Immerse yourself in captivating quests, strategic collaboration, and exceptional rewards. Experience a gaming revolution and join the Crypto Hunters community today!